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        Hardware product knowledge catalogue

        The length of measuring tools is divided into tape measure, steel ruler, level, inner and outer diameter micrometer, etc

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        What are the methods for comparing the price of hardware tools?

        In fact, the price volatility of hardware tools is also strong, because this is processed using steel products. Of course, if the price of steel is raised or decreased, the price of hardware tools will also drop or rise. Therefore, in the process of comparing their prices in the market, it is still necessary to carefully analyze the price gap between them, and then in the process of summarizing, it is understood that the difference and characteristics between each price are different. In the process of analysis, you will know that the gap between their prices is very large.


        What is the role of galvanizing of galvanized steel strips?

        When it comes to galvanized steel strips, it is very simple to understand it. What is it? Galvanized galvanized, even if the surface of the steel pipe is coated with a layer of zinc. Well, today Xiaobian tells you not how galvanized steel strips, what role zinc in the appearance of galvanized steel strips.


        What are the door and window hardware accessories? Door and window hardware accessories purchase principle

        Door and window hardware accessories are a small part in home decoration, but they cannot be ignored. It plays a very important role. Doors and windows are hardware and accessories to complete the function of doors and windows. Hardware is the most vulnerable product in building doors and windows, and it is also one of the most mundane parts of the event. The following small series introduces you to the door and window hardware accessories and the principle of door and window hardware accessories.